Voici un emballage qui peut vous faire sourire avec raison, mais pensez-y bien, n’est pas là une solution tout à fait appropriée. Ça confirme ce que je propose à mes étudiants : tout repenser, ne pas réinventer la roue, mais plutôt explorer de nouvelles avenues.

Here is a package that can make you smile with reason, but think about it, this solution is totally appropriate. It confirms what I suggest to my students: rethink everything, do not reinvent the wheel, but rather to explore new avenues of usage.

BBQ-ing will not be the same with this new twist on condiments. « Natwerks Mounting Sauces are a first in the collection of Natwerks autonomous creations. This range of sauces are a must have on every self respecting BBQ » It is a cool and unique approach to differentiate from the usual « squeeze » bottle we see in stores.